Karen Blakeman on January 29th, 2013

My slides from yesterday’s NetIKX workshop, “Digital Native, Digital Immigrant – does it matter?”, are now available on authorSTREAM at http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/karenblakeman-1650757-born-digital-time-rethink/   Update: if you are having difficulties viewing the presentation via authorSTREAM or the embed above, it is also available on Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/KarenBlakeman/born-digital and the PowerPoint is at http://www.rba.co.uk/as/

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Karen Blakeman on November 26th, 2012

Graphwords (http://graphwords.com/) is another thesaurus visualisation tool that uses Wordnet (http://wordnet.princeton.edu/). Type in a word and it generates a map of associated nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. To view the meaning of a group of words move your cursor over the node and to explore a word and its related terms in more detail simply […]

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Karen Blakeman on October 14th, 2012

My publication “Search Strategies for the Internet” is changing and going electronic. There will be shorter articles covering specific search techniques and search engine features. In addition there will be screencasts and presentations. The new structure means that updates to the content will be easier and more frequent. Initially there will be no “book” but […]

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Karen Blakeman on September 3rd, 2012

August is usually a quiet month for me with respect to work. Time for a holiday away and then a couple of weeks ambling along the Thames Path or pottering around the garden. This year, though, as soon as I was I back from my travels I was knuckling down and updating my notes for two […]

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Karen Blakeman on December 23rd, 2010

Some of you may have seen the article in the Times Higher Education – What will poor Robin do then? Perforate your small bowel. It reminded me of an article I wrote for an in-house newsletter in 1984 when I was working for a pharmaceutical company and which addresses similar issues. Here  it is (reference […]

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Karen Blakeman on January 6th, 2010

UK based readers of my blog will know all about the snow that is being dumped on us – and in Reading/Caversham it is is getting worse. For the rest of you here are some photos. Note that these were taken earlier today: more has fallen and current snow fall is 8/10!

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Karen Blakeman on September 15th, 2009

Nice one Brighton & Hove, and I am not being sarcastic! According to the Local Government Chronicle Brighton & Hove City Council claims to have the first iPhone bus app. It has launched a free real time bus time information app created by one its residents, Rick Thompson, and which updates automatically to show live […]

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Karen Blakeman on June 1st, 2009

Bing.com has launched and I just cannot believe that Microsoft have made so much fuss over something that is no better than the existing Live.com. The UK version is labelled as beta and the US one as “Preview” so is there more coming soon as is suggested by Microsoft/Bing in their blogs? I sincerely hope so […]

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Karen Blakeman on January 11th, 2009

Police forces in England and Wales are now providing access to local crime statistics via online maps. These allow the public to drill down to ward level and view crime trends in their area. The statistics include information about burglary, robbery, theft, vehicle crime, violent crime and anti-social behaviour. The maps should be available via the […]

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Karen Blakeman on December 17th, 2008

One of my favourite news sites, Chipwrapper (http://www.chipwrapper.co.uk/), now offers an option to search for articles within a specified time period. Chipwrapper is a Google custom search engine that covers UK news sources on the Internet. Until now, a drawback  of the service has been the absence of an option to limit  your search by […]

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