Doing Business in the United Kingdom and France

Compiled and published by Bryan Cave LLP, Doing Business in the UK is an excellent summary of what is involved in setting up a business in the UK and the associated legislation. As well as describing the various types of company it also covers director’s duties, UK taxation, employment law, business immigration, intellectual property, data protection and competition law. There is a similar publication on Doing Business in France. Both are free of charge.

Tales from the Terminal Room issue 102 available

Tales from the Terminal Room, issue number 102 now available at

Most of the information in this newsletter will already have appeared in this  blog, the exception being the Twitter Notes.

In this month’s issue:

  • Search tools
    • Yet another irritating Google feature
    • Google maps UK canals
    • Google adds cycling routes to UK maps
  • Beating Google into submission – top tips
  • Twitter Notes