Karen Blakeman on April 20th, 2011

If you have ever tried to explain to a client why they will not find detailed financial accounts for companies registered in the British Virgin Islands, just thrust a copy of Guiding You Through… Company Searches In The British Virgin Islands – Withers LLP into their mitts! It very neatly summarises the registration, filing and […]

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Karen Blakeman on April 20th, 2011

Many thanks to Britta Nordström for alerting me to this site.  Business Ukraine (http://biznes-ukraina.ua/) has a useful collection of directories of companies, products and services in Ukraine as well as links to postal codes and transport timetables. There is also a list of  Directories of the world on-line (http://biznes-ukraina.ua/extra.phtml?ttt=1&l=en) that is mostly yellow pages for […]

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Karen Blakeman on April 7th, 2011

As well as the “Anything BUT Google” sessions, I have also been running “All About Google” workshops. The participants are asked to come up with a group Top 10 Tips and a combined list from the last three events is listed below. Many tips were common to all three so the final list has 16 […]

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Karen Blakeman on April 6th, 2011

I omitted to include the URLs of some of the specialist tools mentioned in the Anything but Google presentation. You could Bing or Yahoo the names of the services (we’re not going to Google them are we?) but to save time I’ve listed them below. ChemSpider – Database of Chemical Structures and Property Predictions http://www.chemspider.com/ […]

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Karen Blakeman on April 4th, 2011

The presentation I am giving to CILIP in Hants and Wight  – Anything but Google –  is now available at: RBA Advanced Search Workshops/Seminars (PowerPoint) authorSTREAM

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