Karen Blakeman on May 28th, 2008

The 14th annual INFORUM conference starts today in Prague at 10.30 Prague time. INFORUM covers professional electronic information resources for research, development, education and business purposes. If you are not able to attend the event in person live video broadcasting of the sessions being run in the New Auditorium will be available at www.ikaros.cz. The […]

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Karen Blakeman on May 25th, 2008

If you were not able to attend my recent workshops on Web 2.0, I am running a similar course at Manchester Business School on June 5th. The workshop will start with a brief overview of Web 2.0 and what it means, then look in more detail at the different applications. As is usual with my […]

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Karen Blakeman on May 25th, 2008

I did a double take when I scanned through my RSS feeds this morning. Live Search have announced that they are closing down Academic Live and Live Books Search. Surely a late report of an April Fool, I thought. Unfortunately it was a genuine posting on Live Search’s official blog. Both sites will be taken […]

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Karen Blakeman on May 23rd, 2008

INFORUM 2008 takes place next week in Prague on May 28th-30th. The live English online video broadcast from the sessions being held in the New Auditorium at the University of Economics will be available during the conference at http://www.ikaros.cz . The official languages of the conference are Czech and English and you will be able […]

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Karen Blakeman on May 21st, 2008

UKeiG’s recent Liverpool Internet search workshop was filled to capacity. It was a packed day with a significant amount of new content and plenty of time for participants to try out the tools and techniques for themselves. At the end of the day they were asked to compile a list of their top tips. There […]

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Karen Blakeman on May 20th, 2008

Gordon is now on YouTube and Number 10 is busy Twittering away. It seems, though, that they are so pre-occupied with their new toys and the digital environment that they have forgotten to check what is going on in the real world. In the House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 12 May 2008 pt […]

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Karen Blakeman on May 11th, 2008

Microsoft have launched their new look for Live.com. It has the now obligatory minimalist look, which was already evident in the previous interface, but has at long last added a link to the Advanced Search option on the home page. Also new to this version is the option to receive an RSS alert for news […]

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Karen Blakeman on May 1st, 2008

Just a reminder that I am now posting most of the news on Web 2.0 ‘stuff’ on the UKeiG Web 2.0 blog at http://ukeig.wordpress.com/

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Karen Blakeman on May 1st, 2008

My presentation, Using the Web, that I gave at ‘The Research Practitioner – Skills Day’ in London on April 23rd and 24th 2008 is now available. It covers search tips and some web 2.0 applications, with the emphasis on searching for people. It is available on my web site as a PowerPoint (3.3 MB), Slideshare […]

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