Receiving blog postings by email – GDPR

This posting is for those of you who receive articles from this blog by email, and I am sure that many of you within the EU will have received similar notices from other organisations. On the 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force and as part of that we need to know if you wish to continue to receive emails from this blog.  If you are on the blog distribution list you will shortly receive or will have already received an email version of this posting.

If you DO wish to continue to receive postings by email

Reply to the/this email saying you wish to continue to receive the alerts. The deadline is 20th May. If we do not hear from you by then, you will be removed from the distribution list.

If you do not want to continue to receive email alerts

Do nothing. You will be automatically removed from the distribution list on the 21st May.  You will continue to receive emails if new postings are made to the blog before then so you may prefer to use the unsubscribe link included in this email.