Google Caffeine

A short post prompted by Phil Bradley’s posting on the proposed new hyperactive Google, nicknamed Google Caffeine. See his article for further details and background information, and if you are interested in comparing the current Google with Google Caffeine try Caffeine Compare. I have been running my searches and test searches on both over the past few days and found:

1. No difference at all for the majority of searches.

2. Minor and insignificant differences for a handful of searches

3. For some business information searches, worse and an increased number of irrelevant results with Google Caffeine.

Not much else to say other than I am not very impressed at this stage.

2 thoughts on “Google Caffeine”

  1. Hi

    I personally think google have done absolutely nothing, i reakon google would think it would be fun to put the wind up windows just after they release Bing. What a great why to market google than to say we are releasing a quicker new improved search engine but we’re not going to spend $700 million USD to advertise the new search engine…. excellent piece of marketing on google part…. lets hope they have done something new….

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