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INFORUM starts in Prague today

The 14th annual INFORUM conference starts today in Prague at 10.30 Prague time. INFORUM covers professional electronic information resources for research, development, education and business purposes. If you are not able to attend the event in person live video broadcasting of the sessions being run in the New Auditorium will be available at www.ikaros.cz. The programme of the event is at http://www.inforum.cz/en/programme/.

I shall be twittering some of the sessions (Twitter name karenblakeman) and I am sure there will be others. Unfortunately, because Twitter is “stressing out a bit” at the moment you can only view one page of tweets. The ‘Older’ option has been temporarily suspended, which is very annoying if you are trying to follow conference tweets. My own tweets are recorded daily by LoudTwitter at http://karenblakeman.livejoural.com/.

INFORUM 2008 – Video broadcast

INFORUM 2008 takes place next week in Prague on May 28th-30th. The live English online video broadcast from the sessions being held in the New Auditorium at the University of Economics will be available during the conference at http://www.ikaros.cz . The official languages of the conference are Czech and English and you will be able to choose between the original commentary of the speaker and its simultaneous translation. Further details are available at http://www.inforum.cz/en/videobroadcasting/. The conference programme is at http://www.inforum.cz/en/programme/

Conference: INFORUM 2008 – call for papers

Deadline: Thursday, February 21st
Venue: University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic, May 28th to 30th, 2008.

The 14th INFORUM conference, organised by Albertina icome Praha and University of Economics, will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from May 28-30, 2008.

The three-day conference is focused on variety of aspects concerning the use of electronic information resources in research, development, education and business,

Information specialists from academic, public and special libraries, corporate sector and government agencies can take part in this event, either as authors or as participants. The conference is open to the entire international research community. The conference is the main event in this field in the Czech and Slovak republics and in 2003 we extended it’s focus also to countries of Central and Eastern Europe. There were 56 invited and contributed papers and over 630 participants last year.

If you are interested in taking part in the conference, either as a speaker or as a participant, you can find detailed information at the INFORUM 2008 website http://www.inforum.cz/en/ (which includes main conference topics, paper submission form, etc.). Papers are now being invited for inclusion in the INFORUM 2008 programme. An extended abstract should be submitted on or before February 21, 2008. The abstracts should be informative enough to allow for an evaluation of the scientific value of the paper.

Conference topics http://www.inforum.cz/en/topics/

  • Trends and Updates in the Field of Electronic Information Resources
  • Digital Libraries – Trends, Technologies, Solutions
  • Sharing and Flowing of Information in Business Sector
  • Operational Aspects of Using Electronic Information Resources
  • Electronic Information Resources in e-learning and e-learning in Electronic Information Resources
  • Searching the Web and Heterogeneous Information Resources for Institutions
  • Evaluation of Results of Scientific Research with a Help of Electronic Information Resources

The delegate’s registration forms will be available along with the preliminary conference programme by the beginning of March 2008.