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China Full Directory Kit discount

If you carry out a lot of research on businesses and industries in China you might be interested in the offer currently available from dataresources. For a limited period they are offering 45% discount on SinoMedia’s China Full Directory Kit, which provides information resources required to do business in China. Originally priced at over £1350 the kit is now £750 (+delivery) .

The China Full Directory Kit includes:

  • China Foreign Enterprise Directory 11th Edition 2010 (CD-ROM)
  • China Enterprise Directory 2010 (Book and CD ROM)
  • Top Global 500 Companies in China 2009-2010 (CD-ROM)
  • China Government Organizations Directory 2009-2010 (Book)
  • China MICE Guide 2010-2011 (Forthcoming) (Book)
  • China Financial Services Directory 2010-2011 (Forthcoming) CD-ROM
  • China Logistics Guide 2010/2011 CD-ROM
  • China IT Directory 2010 CD-ROM
  • China Manufacturing Directory 2010 CD-ROM
  • China Media Directory 2010 CD-ROM
  • China Industrial Zones Directory 2010 CD-ROM

Full details can be found at  http://www.dataresources.co.uk/