Flickr pulls out all the stops with automatic tagging

Flickr really went to town with its automatically generated tags for my photo today. The photo was of star anise, which I took for the Challenge Friday Group; this week’s challenge is stars. A straightforward, simple photo of the spice, I thought but Flickr read a lot more into it.

This is the photo:


And these are the tags:

Flickr_Star_Anise_TagsThe ones at the top with the grey background are the tags that I assigned to the photo. The rest are Flickr’s.

I deleted several of them before I thought of taking a screenshot for posterity but what is left gives  you a flavour of the range of concepts that Flickr feels are relevant.  Some of them I agree with (pattern, star shape, symmetry). Others I shall delete  as they are of no help to anyone searching on them (foliage, leaf, landscape, tree, forest, blossom,  pastel).

I do, though, rather like “minimalism” even though the structure and complexity of flavour and aroma  of star anise is far from minimalist. It  stays.

2 thoughts on “Flickr pulls out all the stops with automatic tagging”

  1. not sure why you deleted all the extra tags… if I was doing a search for, say, leaf images, I might choose your image for my art project. That’s a fuzzy search, not directly informational, but still useful.

    1. Ah – interesting, alternative view of the purpose of tags, and the potential use of the image. I tag many of these images primarily from the viewpoint of a scientist, and in no way is star anise a leaf. So, that tag and some of the others – it is definitely not a landscape or a forets – were deleted.

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