Flexible Support for Business to become “supersite”

In February 2010 the Welsh Assembly Government’s Flexible Support for Business (http://fs4b.wales.gov.uk/) will become a “supersite”.  The aim is to provide Wales’s businesses with “an unprecedented level of tailored online information and support”. The site will supersede the current FS4B web site but will remain at the current web address.

According to the press release:

“The FS4B Supersite is designed to be integrated with the Assembly Government’s other business support services to enable businesses and citizens to move as smoothly as possible between online and offline support.

The Site will also provide a raft of guidance, tools and directories which professional advisors, relationship managers and customer service staff can use to enhance the support they offer to their clients.”

The supersite will provide information and advice on investment funding, doing VAT online, and local government (e.g. applying for licences). There will also be news of start up events, free information and advice for small businesses, and access to investment and specialist support for larger companies.

I’m intrigued by this so-called supersite. The existing FS4B web site is excellent and appears to already do much of what it is claimed the new one will offer. I assume more “seamless”  integration with online services for business  – for example VAT – and perhaps personalization options. My main worry is that super-sizing the site might make it more difficult to find relevant resources and help.  I look forward to the launch with interest.