9 thoughts on “Twitter Account Suspended”

  1. Seems to be a theme tonight: @geeklawyer and @sobk13 were also suspended tonight that I know of, but their requests for reinstatement of their accounts seem to have been processed quickly – hope yours is too!

  2. I don’t think that it’s anything personal – other people have also had their accounts suspended as well for no sensible reason that I can see. There’s a number of other issues going on as well – tweets being repeated, incorrect follower lists, new followers without notification and so on. I think Twitter has just thrown some sort of paddy.

  3. I had exactly the same problem today. Think it’s a problem with Twitter, there’s been a lot of genuine accounts getting suspended of late (including @btcare!.

    However, I did find your post via Twitter, so looks like you’ve been un-suspended!

  4. Despite your Twitter account being suspended your twitterfeed has still sent a tweet for this post. I would have assumed that wouldn’t work for suspended accounts. There is definitely something up today – lots of accounts suspended, loss of tweets + followers appearing + disappearing at random

  5. Hi Karen,

    How strange! The mind boggles as to what is ‘strange activity’. Let me reassure you that the pcw09 organisers appreciated you sending lots of tweets and haven’t asked for you or anyone else to be suspended!!

    Helen Williams (Socitm Better Connected reviewer)

  6. You weren’t singled out for this Karen. I experienced the same problem and know of two others besides. I suspect Twitter got its knickers in a twist today and has yet to apologise to users (I’m not, however, holding my breath about that happening any time soon)!

  7. Thanks all,

    It seems that I was un-suspended soon after I blogged this and after I sent an email asking Twitter to explain why I had been suspended.

    Following Phil’s comment I am checking my followers. So far I’ve found about 80 that I did not know about. I’ve blocked 27 porn and obvious spammer accounts and followed back 20 genuine followers. Most of the rest seem harmless but I am not interested in following them back. What is really annoying is that Twitter has un-followed 9 people I was definitely following last week. Twitter is seriously losing it.

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