New home page for Yahoo! UK & Ireland

… and it is GHASTLY!

It is Monday morning and on my of list of things-to-do when I fire up my laptop is to check My Yahoo! This is where I monitor stocks and shares, news headlines, weather forecasts and have tools such as currency conversion. Before going to My Yahoo I always go to the main Yahoo! UK & Ireland page to view the national and international headlines and see what’s new. This morning was a real shock. The home page has changed dramatically and not for the good.

Yahoo UK & Ireland new home page

Apart from the hideous colours and layout there is no direct link to My Yahoo any more. It is now under ‘All Yahoo Services’ (in very small type on the right hand side). The ‘My Apps’ on the left are definitely not My Yahoo apart from the weather forecast and the stock trader. The latter clearly does not work in this context as it tells me that today my stocks and shares are up GBP 270,165.49 and that my portfolios are worth 2,907,437.49. In my dreams! I am not interested in horoscopes, mailboxes, videos and eBay but there does not seem to be any way of getting rid of them.

Thankfully is still plain vanilla. I have now bookmarked My Yahoo and won’t bother in future with the Yahoo home page. I am now wondering what Yahoo has in store for us next.

6 thoughts on “New home page for Yahoo! UK & Ireland”

  1. I noticed the same thing on the U.S. version, but only on one of my machines. It was the old look on the other machine. Very odd! And I agree I’m not at all fond of the new look.

  2. Hi Marydee,

    I checked the US version UK morning time and this afternoon and on both occasions it was still the good old user friendly version. So you can look forward to the new look on both your machines soon – NOT!


  3. So, you need to use Yahoo! then you have to put up with someone’s naff idea of a great colour scheme! That’s hardly being customer centric, is it?

  4. Hi “Work from Home”

    We in the UK usually complain that new features and interfaces are rolled out in the US first and take months to arrive over here. Perhaps this time they decided to use us as a test group 🙁

    Oh, and they have added large advertisements to the My Yahoo pages. Quickly dealt with here by using the RIP add-on in FireFox.


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