TouchGraph Google Browser

Thanks to Phil Bradley for the alert on this search visualisation tool.

TouchGraph is a  Java application that loads into your browser window and displays the networks and connections in your data or a search results list.  There are three free demos that tie into Google,  Amazon and Facebook.  I found the last two very cumbersome to use and limited in their usefulness but the Google one is worth a try.  You type in your keywords or a URL and Google’s results are presented as groups of interconnected ‘blobs’. You can zoom in and out, hide or expand individual groupings and filter results, although I must admit to not having yet mastered the last feature.


An interesting way to explore search results but I still prefer Cluuz‘s visualisation of web based data.  I may find TouchGraph more useful for looking at connections and relationships within my locally held information so I have signed up for a TouchGraph Navigator trial.