Reed Business + FAST =

Reed Business and search company FAST Search & Transfer have launched a business-to business (B2B) search tool called Zibb., currently in beta, unifies over 900 of Reed Business titles into a single vertical portal. It will also crawl the indexes of other publisher’s content. There are tabs for searching by News, Products, Suppliers, Webs and Blogs, and All (the default).

Why use this rather than Google? If you are looking for companies and products, and especially smaller companies, you often end up with a large amount of dross even with Google. Try searching for companies such as Next or Smarty in a standard search engine! Zibb narrows down the field considerably. Once you have found the company you are interested in there is a form that you can fill in to request a quote or send an email.

It is still a beta product and is not perfect, but they welcome feedback and quickly corrected some out of date information that I found. I would not use if I were looking for a comprehensive list of product suppliers or manufacturers. For that I would go straight to a directory such as Kelly’s or Kompass. Definitely worth a try and one to watch.

2 thoughts on “Reed Business + FAST =”

  1. Hi Karen,

    We’ve made some significant progress since you last posted on us; if you have a chance come back and check us out. We’re working hard to improve our coverage, quality and features and even though we are far from done, we’ve come a long way!

    Our true intention is to be more comprehensive in coverage then typical company directories or narrow scoped site search. Check out some of our industries with taxonomies and let us know what you think we need to focus on…

  2. Thanks Karen,
    I took your advice and tried out Zibb. Bloody hell it works. I managed to place an order both quickly and easily to (i hope) the right supplier at the right price.
    I also checked out ‘Kellysearch’ and the info I managed to find was mind boggling. Gone are the days when I looked for ‘Widgets’ on google and had 4,987,654 results of rubbish and kelkoo offering me the lowest prices on widgets.
    Thanks for the time, effort and money you’ve saved me.


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