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Set up and maintained by Fubra who run and, Aiport Parking Shop compares prices across 6 of the biggest UK parking brokers for 24 UK airports. Select the airport from which you wish to fly, enter you departure and return date, and the number of passengers. It then comes up with a list of possibilities.

As I always use public transport to get to UK airports I was astounded at the variety and range of options and prices. At the upper end of the market you can treat yourself to a meet and greet deal where you drive straight up to departures, leave your car with a valet who will park it for you, and then have it waiting outside arrivals on your return.

For each entry in the results you can see if the service is on/off airport parking or meet and greet, transfer time to the terminal, frequency of transfers, any awards that the service has won, and more detailed information in an aiport car park guide. It also tells you whether or not there is a charge for credit card processing. If you decide to prebook – and apparently you can save up to half the cost by doing so – links take you direct to the car parking service web site.

On every page there are also links to the Car Hire Centre, another Fubra run site, that compares the prices of a range of car hire brokers; coverage is worldwide. Choose the airport or city where you want to pick up the car, enter the dates and you are then presented with a list sorted by price. Cheapest first of course!

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  1. It is supprising how many options there is to get airport parking i usually get lifts off a mate to the airport but as his car is in the garage i am going to have to drive myself, car parking service web sites come in handy especialy for getting the best prices.

  2. As we made a decision years ago to see how long we could survive without a car (now about 16 years!) I have lost track of these types of services. I thought you turned up at the airport, found a car park and paid an arm, leg and several pints of blood for the privelege of using their car parks. I now see that there is a whole industry built around this and that planning and buying your car parking in advance can save a lot of money. Just like buying train and airline tickets in advance.

  3. There are indeed many sites around for car parking services. Many just compare a handful of car parks unlike APS, of course, that do compare not only the car parks but also the companies that sell them. Another alternative I can recommend is Simply Parking that also have a huge database of customer reviews, along with interactive maps and a quick a simple save quote.

  4. We used Flypark on our last holiday. After comparing around 5 sites in the top ten of Google, this one came out at the best rate. We flew from Luton and stayed at the Airparks car park which was just a short distance from the airport.

    One thing I did like is the ability to get your car valeted and cleaned whilst on holiday. We only noticed this service as we were leaving the compound on the transfer bus, but will definatley use it next time.

    Their web site is

  5. Rachel many thanks for your kind comments. In future please use

    Airport car parking Options

    Some travellers are still not aware that there is a cheaper alternative to parking on airport when travelling abroad.

    On Airport Parking

    All airports offer two types of car parking, namely short and long stay parking. Short stay parking is usually used by drivers dropping off or collecting passengers or by passengers returning the same day. Using the short stay car park for any longer than a day is extremely more expensive and can come as quite a shock with the short stay costing roughly twice the cost of long stay.
    When using the airport long stay a bus will normally take you to the required terminal.

    Pre-Booked or turn price or gate price

    Whether you are using an off airport car park or on airport car parking pre-booked is usually a lot more expensive and pre-booking is always recommended.

    Off Airport Parking

    For many years the only option open to travellers was to park at the airport and this led to high parking costs. Off airport car parks due to this high pricing saw a commercial opportunity to establish car parks close to the airport and offer free transfers to the airport. Off airport operators not only created an alternative parking option but also a more competitive pricing structure. Whilst some customers will always use the airport more cost conscious travellers tend to use off airport car parks and at times of high demand off airport car parks will fill up first with travellers left with no alternative but to use the airport.

    Chauffeur Parking

    This is the most expensive car parking option and the most convenience and is used mostly by business travellers where time is of the essence. Normally you are met at the terminal or a pre-arranged drop off point and your car is then driven to a secure car park. Upon your return your car will be waiting for you outside arrivals.

  6. I agree with Jane, you should ad hotels with parking, whenever I go trips I always consider this as one of the most important factors of choosing a hotel, convince is the key to get me to part with my hard earned money.

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