Energy Balance

I do not normally recommend blogs or web sites whose authors and affiliations remain a mystery but there are many reasons why the person behind this might want to remain anonymous. I came across this blog while searching for background information to the current debate on the so called “energy crisis”, and the recent contretemps between Russia and the Ukraine over gas supplies. The entries in this blog are more like short essays than the usual brief postings that bloggers tend to write, but it is worth taking the time to read them carefully and in full. The writer covers all aspects of energy production, generation and consumption and discusses the feasibility of alternative and renewable energies as a replacement for our current “mix” of energy sources. Whether you agree or disagree with this blogger, some of the points raised should you make you stop and think seriously about how we manage our energy resources now and in the future. As to why he/she should wish to remain anonymous, it could be that his current employer would not be too pleased about the stance taken over some issues.