Our Property – Property and house prices revealed – OurProperty.co.uk

Our Property – Property and house prices revealed – OurProperty.co.uk

One of the many services that repackages the Land Registry’s data but this one offers users 20 free searches a week. You get to see the address of the property, the date it was sold and how much it was sold for. It does not give the name of the owner or the name of the lender. For that, you have to use the Land Registry’s priced service. At present, the data goes back to 2000 and covers England and Wales only. “Our Property” plans to add Scottish data in the near future.

The quick search on the home page enables you to search by post code but you can refine your search or use the Advanced Search to limit your results by street, town or locality, freehold/leasehold, house type (detached, terraced, flat etc.) and date.

If you use up your 20 searches you can top them up by either recommending a friend for 5 free searches or by signing up to a weekly newsletter which contains a voucher for 20 free searches.

A really neat site.

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  1. Very useful, thanks Karen. A good complementary source of land price information is available from the Valuation Office Agency (http://www.voa.gov.uk). Their property market reports (available free of charge) give a statistical overview of residential and commercial land prices around the UK, down to district level.

  2. That’s a great site. It also has information on valuations and bands for Council Tax, both domestic and non-domestic. It was very timely as I was carrying out some “due diligence” for a client and wanted to check out the status of the premises of a business they were contemplating buying.


  3. Excellent … a fantastic resource for UK property. I’ll definately be visiting that site again. I have seen a similar type of site for overseas properties http://www.ritebuy.co.uk which offers some good information on foreign pproperty (mainly off plan).

  4. Useful site. Thanks
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  5. Nice post, it’s good to see somebody putting some good info out there. Buying a house is a massive undertaking for most people but there are many potential problems. This is never helped by the fact it can be such a profitable business for those involved in it so good solid information can be difficult to come by.

    I run a mortgage information site myself and it amazes me sometimes how some people don’t arm themselves with good information before diving in.

  6. It certainly is a useful resource that many are still not aware of.

    I feel as time goes by the land registry will allow there data to be used more providing real benefit to the end user and consumer.

    You may find our recent article of interest, UK Property investment – what of the future?

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  7. A useful tip on the Land Registry portal this. The information they provide can be of great value to the prospective house purchaser given the speed at which it is now updated meaning the data and house price values are pretty reflective of the current climate. Lets hope that we have reached the bottom of the market soon and those first time buyers once again step into the breach (or across it as our Mortgage friends would like!)

  8. New HIP legislation is now in force when selling a property in the UK. Part of this is the requirement to complete a Property Information Questionnaire or PIQ. The press have rightly picked up on the serious implications. These are best summarised here

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