Google Desktop Search out of beta and better!

Google Desktop Search

Google Desktop Search is out of beta and has been officially launched. It is much improved and now searches PDF files. Support for Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla and Thunderbird has also been added. For Open Office and Star Office users there is a plugin at

As well as switching off cacheing and indexing of secure web pages, such as your online bank statement, you can also switch off indexing of password protected pages. All documents still remain in the cache after you have deleted the original unless you follow the remove instructions at

It is a rather tedious process and isn’t straightforward. There is a danger that you could miss files, especially individual emails.

Personally, I’ll stick with Yahoo Desktop for the time being.

Our Property – Property and house prices revealed –

Our Property – Property and house prices revealed –

One of the many services that repackages the Land Registry’s data but this one offers users 20 free searches a week. You get to see the address of the property, the date it was sold and how much it was sold for. It does not give the name of the owner or the name of the lender. For that, you have to use the Land Registry’s priced service. At present, the data goes back to 2000 and covers England and Wales only. “Our Property” plans to add Scottish data in the near future.

The quick search on the home page enables you to search by post code but you can refine your search or use the Advanced Search to limit your results by street, town or locality, freehold/leasehold, house type (detached, terraced, flat etc.) and date.

If you use up your 20 searches you can top them up by either recommending a friend for 5 free searches or by signing up to a weekly newsletter which contains a voucher for 20 free searches.

A really neat site.

Copernic Desktop Search – The Search Engine for Your PC

Copernic Desktop Search – The Search Engine for Your PC

Copernic have launched version 1.5 of their Desktop Search tool. Significant additions include support for Thunderbird and Eudora email and attachments, and search in Thunderbird contacts. CDS already supports the Firefox browser. For me, all it needs now is support for Open Office and Star Office files and it will be a worthy competitor for Yahoo Desktop.

The Government Says

The Government Says

An interesting site that pulls together news releases from various UK government departments. Produced and maintained by – “a loose collective of like-minded individuals who believe that there is little wrong with UK society that a healthy mixture of transparency and public engagement won’t fix.”

RSS feed available.

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