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Yippee! – It’s Online Week!!

Well, here I am ensconced in the Kensington Hilton Holland Park, trying to get my brains together for the next four days of the annual online information jamboree at Olympia. Those of us who have done this event in full before know that by Thursday we will be feeling the strain and the fixed grins will appear on our faces at around 2.30 pm. Even so there is a feeling of excitement about ‘Online’ – there is always something new, something about which we can wax lyrical, something on which we can do the thumbs down, always a lot of somethings that we need to follow up, and interesting people we have met.

My ‘Online’ week starts off tomorrow (Monday 3rd December) with a workshop on Blogs, Wikis, RSS and other web 2.0 ‘stuff’. All the notes and demos have been prepared but Mondays are bad for live Internet demos. All the search engines and other web 2.0 providers have had the weekend to revamp and reload their web sites and services. Even if you get away with the morning session a UK afternoon session hits the time when the US services flick-the-switch and make you look a complete idiot if you are demoing live 🙁

For the rest of the week my free exhibition seminars are:

Tuesday 4th December: Searching without Google in Theatre E at 11.45.
Thursday 6th December: Tricks and tips for better web search in Theatre E at 12.15

For the rest of the time I shall be mooching around the conference and on the UKeiG stand (number 734).