September Tales from the Terminal Room now available

Yes, I know it’s a bit late – busy with  ‘stuff’ and, I confess, enjoying life*.

If you follow my blog you will have already seen the main articles but not the Twitter Notes which are bits and pieces I’ve picked up on Twitter. They are mostly comments and links to articles I’ve found interesting with a few slightly silly things. On the surface the Onion News Network Youtube video at may seem ‘silly’ but actually highlights how much information we divulge on social networks.

The latest Tales from the Terminal Room is now available at and features:

  • Search Strategies goes electronic
  • Million Short: unearthing stuff hidden in the dungeons of Google’s results
  • Rediscovering BananaSlug for “long tail” search
  • Top search tips from North Wales
  • Doing Business in the United Kingdom and France
  • Company information: Luxembourg and Belgium
  • Twitter Notes

* I’ve been indulging myself by attending workshops on wildlife gardening at the Five a Day Market Garden (, moss walks courtesy of the Earley Environmental Group ( and various fungus forays.