Tweets from #saoim – Southern African Online Information Meeting

I had a fantastic week at SAOUG’s 11th Southern African Online Information Meeting (#saoim) this week. I gave a workshop and a keynote conference paper (details to follow in a separate post) but did not tweet as much as I usually do mainly because I was so busy talking to people and making new friends. The conference programme was excellent and I picked up many new ideas that I’m going to work on over the next few months. SAOUG (Southern African Online User Group) who had organised the meeting had also set up a group of social media reporters whose responsibilities were to tweet and blog the event. They did a great job and on one of the main conference days #saoim was trending on Twitter in South Africa!

If you are quick you can see some of the #saoim tweets by searching or For a more permanent record I have created PDF Tweetdocs for each of the days of the conference and for the pre and post conference workshops. Tweetdoc ( imposes a limit of 500 tweets per document so for two of the days there may be some tweets missing. The documents are as follows:

4th June 2012

5th June 2012

6th June 2012

7th June 2012

8th June 2012

9th June 2012

3 thoughts on “Tweets from #saoim – Southern African Online Information Meeting”

  1. Thanks for all these tweetdocs. I did follow the #saoim hashtag, which brought a lot of interesting posts. I wish I could persuade more of my colleague librarians here in Ghana to take up Twitter at conferences!

    1. For me, following conference tweets is the perfect way to keep up with new developments especially if I am not able to attend all the sessions. I also find that I sometimes miss some points when I’m in a session because I am thinking about a point that was raised earlier so the tweets fill the gaps.

    2. Good day Nina. We’ve used a dedicated team of social reporting volunteers as a catalyst to feed the Twitterstream this year at the conference. This activity then encouraged others to join as well. A week or so before the conference we had a socail reporting coaching day as well, and one of the activities was to tweet presentation we’ve found on YouTube. Before we started with the exercise, most of the volunteers were saying they are not sure they can do this tweet thing ( even though they all know the twitter basics) Afterwards they realised that everyone contribute in their own special way to create this Tweet report of the talk! And they were amazed to see how different styles of Tweeting compliment each other. During the conference the social reporting volunteers also encouraged each other to keep on Tweeting, and as a team we also supported each other. Such a peer group with a shared purpose can really make a difference at a conference!

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