Bing becomes more like Google and personalises

So you thought you could escape filtering and personalisation of search results by fleeing Google and running into the arms of Bing? Afraid not. Bing has announced that it is rolling out a new personalisation feature called adaptive search. Details are on Bing’s blog Adapting Search to You ( According to Bing the “more you search, the more Bing can learn”.

The feature is being rolled out first in the US and is cookie based. The cookie and personalisation lasts for 28 days if you are not signed in to Bing and 18 months if you are. You can clear and turn off your search history at any time.

Bing seems to be trying to be more and more like Google all the time. I tried one of my test searches on Hewish mild and Bing did a Google on me by unilaterally deciding to include results for Jewish mild in my results. Placing a plus sign before Hewish did force an exact match but the related searches it offered me all involved Jewish – Jewish Chronicle, Jewish jokes, Jewish festivals etc. Yahoo does exactly the same, which is not surprising since it uses the Bing database and search algorithms.


2 thoughts on “Bing becomes more like Google and personalises”

  1. Although to be fair, Bing used image scrolling which Google then copied, and the fly-out which Google copied as well. Maybe they should just merge and call themselves Bingle or Gooing?

  2. Bing was doing fine until now as an alternative to Google, provided you know the advanced commands, and as you say was actually taking the lead in some areas. They might just as well merge. I rather like the name Bongle.

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