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Say No to 0870 has been around for a while but it is only recently that I have had to make serious use of its database. I have been researching hotel business meeting facilities and was amazed at how many still use 0870 numbers. My middle name ought to be ‘Scrooge’ because I resent having to pay for a phone call when I could be connecting using my mobile’s very generous free minutes (geographic numbers only) allocation. When that is used up, I have various VOIP services that I can use for a few pence.

This web site gives alternative geographic numbers for 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers. Search on the company name or its non-geographic number and you are offered alternative geographic numbers. Sources include web sites and contributions from users. You may wonder why freephone numbers are included: these often take you to a central call centre or redirect you to a branch location based on your telephone area code (if available). You then spend what seems to be forever trying to get connected to the right branch or location. “No I don’t want to book a room …. and, yes, I know I am phoning from Newcastle but I want to contact the Events Sales Manager for Whizzo Hotels in Oxford!”

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  1. Say No to 0870 is a great site, I use it all the time to save me some money, especially when i’m using my mobile phone, if I phone using my mobile I get charged the earth just to phone these numbers for a few minutes.

    I’m so shocked at the amount of businesses that use these numbers because everyone knows that the public hate phoning them and if it’s not desperate, people generally don’t, everyone would much rather use the freephone numbers.

    I was really disgusted when I found out that over a dozen NHS Trusts use these 0845 and 0844 numbers, they are charging us when we are ill, all for a service which is meant to be free!

    I have written an interesting blog about the hospitals charging us while we’re ill:

  2. You’ll be glad to hear Planet Numbers are championing the new UK wide 03 numbers – many businesses and non-proft making organisations are now taking these up to replace their old 0870 numbers, and they cost the same to call as a normal 01 or 02 number, so no more being ripped off by mobile operators for calling NGNs.

  3. I try not to deal with the companies that use 0870 numbers. Companies should look again at robbing their customers or potential customers. We all know you do it to rake in a few coppers but is it worth ruining a reputation just for a few pounds?

    Brian Dudhill

  4. It’s not just the NHS which uses these numbers – just about every department of government does!!
    I am under the impression that politicians are not concerned when their voters are being ripped off by ‘Civil Servants’ trying to justify their existence!!

  5. It’s not only for using mobiles that this website is useful. Like many people, I pay a monthly phone/broadband/TV radio amount, which includes free (OK, pre-paid!) geographic numbers. 0800 numbers are fine, but any of the 0870 and 0845-type numbers are chargeable.

    And I know that the 0845-style numbers only cost a few pence – but I’ve already paid that in my monthly charge.

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