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Zuula is another search engine along the lines of Intelways and Trovando. You type in your search once and then run it through several search engines one by one. The search engines are grouped into Web, Images, Video, News, Blog and Jobs. It is not as wide ranging or as comprehensive as Intelways, for example it does not have a group for searching by file formats, but it does offer an Advanced Search screen that includes a domain search. You can also keep a list of your previous searches.


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  1. Thanks, Karen, for your review of Zuula. You cover a lot of its key features.

    If I may, allow me to mention a few other features your readers may find important.

    One of them is that the order of the search engines within each type of search can be customized by each user. To do so, simply “drag-n-drop” the tabs for the different search engines until they are in the desired order. This is actually a very important feature, since it allows each user to set up Zuula to default to their favorite search results provider for each type of search.

    Another key aspect of Zuula is the technology it uses to display results from each search provider. In particular, the technology ensures that users can go from tab to tab during a search, and never lose what page they were at for each tab. If you view a few pages of Google results, then click on the Yahoo tab, view a few pages of Yahoo results, and then click on the Google tab again, you will be back where you last were in your Google search. At other seemingly similar sites, clicking on the Google tab (or button) would simply bring you back to the first page of the Google results.

    All these features were developed so that Zuula can be used as a search professional’s default search site … not just as a backup for difficult searches. Zuula users get quick, reliable access to results from their favorite search engines, but also have easy access to results from other sites — and a useful “recent searches” list — when the searching gets difficult.

    Thanks, again, for the review … and Happy 2008!

  2. Good grief – that was a quick comment … the virtual ink was barley dry on the posting 🙂

    After I had posted, I spotted that one can customise the order of the search engines. Very useful for those of us who have a preferred 1,2,3.. search engine list. I had not noticed your second feature and it is one that I will find useful.

    Another feature that I have just identified is that under Preferences one can increase the number of results displayed per page from 10 to up to 60 (now my default).

  3. Thanks for taking a second look at Zuula, Karen. I hope you continue to find it a useful research tool. That’s certainly what we intended it to be.

    As for the quick comment … It’s pure coincidence. We were doing some testing of Zuula’s blog search functionality — using “zuula” as a search term, of course 🙂 — and your posting came up. Once I read it, I couldn’t resist adding a comment or two.


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