Tighter controls on Wikipedia edits

I spoted this piece of news in Information World Review. It seems that the German language version of Wikipedia will restrict instant editing of articles so that trusted editors will have to pass the content before it appears online. The changes will come into effect later this year, and it has been suggested that this approach could be applied to the English language version of Wikipedia. There have been questions about the accuracy and bias of some of the articles, but I have always found that the articles in the scientific areas I research have been excellent. I have noticed, though, that some biographies have obviously been ‘edited’ either by the person themselves or by their PA to present the ‘official’ picture that they wish to portray. Wikipedia already requires users to sign in before they can edit certain pages, for example those on Tony Blair and George Bush, so this is taking the process of control a stage further.

3 thoughts on “Tighter controls on Wikipedia edits”

  1. This isn’t quite the case – *nothing* about how the flagged-revisions system’s interface has been finalised. Basically we’ve put up http://quality.wikimedia.org/ for people to try stuff and see how it feels, and something from that will probably go up on German Wikipedia in November, with all the other wikis watching to see how that works out.

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