Facebook profiles to be Googled …

… unless you say otherwise.

If you have logged on to Facebook today you will have spotted the announcement that people can now search for your profile from Facebook’s Welcome page and that “in a few weeks, it [your profile] may also be found through search engines like Google.”

The stuff that I have on my profile can be found on my web site and blog – in fact a lot more information can be found about me on both of those!- so I am not that worried. Those of you who are concerned about it may want to start removing any information that, in retrospect, you think was not such a good idea to divulge after all! The announcement has a link to the Search Privacy page where you can untick the public search engine box. Anyone who does discover your public search listing must register and log in to contact you via Facebook, and public search listings will only contain names and profile pictures. Hmm … maybe it wasn’t that sensible to upload that photo taken at the Online Information conference dinner last year.

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