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Phil Bradley has already reported briefly on the double act that he and I performed at the Web 2.0 Forum at the Library and Information show in Birmingham last week. There are no Powerpoints because we made it up as we went along – OK, not strictly true. We discussed via email the areas of web 2.0 ‘stuff’ we would each cover, and decided to adapt our presentations depending on what the other person had just mentioned. It worked! And it was great fun. Phil kicked off with his favourite Web 2.0 stuff (Pageflakes) and instead of going straight into social bookmarking I found myself talking about My Yahoo and Google’s personalised home page (about which there is a warning post from me later). Towards the end, Phil waxed lyrical about all the widgets and gizmos that can add pizazz to your blog, calling them “bling for your blog”. It is barely one week on from that presentation and I am already reading and hearing people call it ‘Blog Bling’.

So what is your favourite blog bling?

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  1. I think web2.0 is finally delivering what we all hoped for. From my point of view it’s making the web simpler for all of us, especially in an educational environment. I just love new applications that are (finally!) designed to cater a ‘normal’ user and not just tech experts. I think Delicious made the start and it’s picked up nicely by new services like Pageflakes that combine tools like specific educational widgets with a community aspect of sharing stuff. I am, too, a big fan of their public pages – makes it so much easier to present stuff with a few mouse clicks.


  2. Thanks Brian. I have now corrected the link. I normally use the Check Page Links add-on for Firefox to make sure I have the correct URLs, but on this occasion I was blogging from a friend’s laptop. Should have done a retro-check when I got bak.

    And I agree – ‘Blog Bling’ is great :-))

  3. Hi Karen

    I’ve just about completed listing my library at this seems really cool and a feature of many blogs. Will add this to mine as a tag cloud soon. The true test though is the quality of the posts, but if the bling helps bring in the audience then aok.

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