ILI – Out-Googling Google presentation

My Internet Librarian International presentation on Out-Googling Google is now available at I have not written any notes to accompany the Powerpoint so you may not be able to make much sense of some (or even all) of it. If you are interested in seeing photos of the event, go to Flickr and use the tag ili2006.

A fantastic event with lots of good practical tips and case studies. If you have never been, watch the web and feeds for news of next year’s event. This year there must have been at least 350 people there and the key note sessions were packed solid with standing room only for late arrivals! The rest of the program was split into parrallel tracks so you could almost guarantee a seat. At the rate this conference is expanding, ILI will have to take over the entire hotel for the event next year 🙂

In addition to the main programme, there are plenty of networking opportunities including receptions, “group”dinners, and lunch tables hosted by the speakers. A great way to met new people and exchange experiences and success/disaster stories.

4 thoughts on “ILI – Out-Googling Google presentation”

  1. If you, or anyone else, has questions about any of the slides please do ask via this blog. I’ll be happy to expand on the more cryptic slides!

    I understand that many of the ppt presentations from ILI will be going up on the Internet Librarian International web site. I’ll post to the blog when that happens. Bear in mind, though, that these will only be the Powerpoint slides – the text of the papers, if supplied by the speakers, are only available as part of the prnted conference proceedings. (I think, says she in case everything suddenly appears on the web)

  2. Tom Roper has posted summaries and comments on my Out-Googling Google presentation and many of the other ILI sessions on his blog at . Gives you an overview of some of the topics being discussed at the event. There were up to three parallel sessions so you will have to hunt around for the rest on other blogs.

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