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Coronavirus - please note that all face to face training sessions and workshops have been suspended until further notice.

I offer workshops, seminars and webinars on internet search techniques, advanced Google commands, social media for research and marketing, business information and market research.

In-house workshops and seminars can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific needs and your budget. Training events can be held on your own premises or I can arrange off-site facilities for you. Alternatively, webinars or one to one Skype calls may be more practical solutions for you.

Standard workshops

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Advanced Google searching
How to get the best out of Google and improve search results

Essential non-Google search tools for researchers
General search and specialist alternatives to Google

Free search tools for scientific information
Options for searching and viewing scientific papers and information free of charge

Navigating the Deep Web
Advanced search strategies for researchers

Social Search
When and how to use social media and professional networks as part of your search strategy

Business information resources
Key internet resources for business information concentrating on free and PAYG

Market research and statistics
Resources and search techniques for tracking down quality market research and statistics

Free government, official and legal resources
How to track down current and past papers, policy documents, legislation and official research

Finding and using open data
Tools and techniques for finding and using open data sets

Assessing the quality of information
How to separate the good from the bad and exceedingly ugly

Archive of selected past presentations

These are selected presentations going to back 2007 and are made available as PDFs. These are NOT updated so please do not contact me telling me that links are broken, certain services no longer exist, or that some of the search commands no longer work! They are provided as an interesting historical record of what was available and how we searched the Internet at the time.

April 23rd-24th, 2008
Using the Web
Part of the Research Practitioner Skills Day organised by search-consult and held at One Birdcage Walk, London.

April 18th-20th 2008
Update on Search Tools
Presentation given at the Association of UK Media Librarians (AUKML) conference - Information Professionals Adding Value - held in Manchester.

Thursday, 6th December 2007
Tricks for Better Web Search
Masterclass presented at the Online Information Conference and Exhibition 2007 in London

Tuesday, 4th December 2007
Searching without Google: alternative tools for more expert searching
Masterclass presented at the Online Information Conference and Exhibition 2007 in London

November 2007
Exploiting the Blogosphere
Presentation given at various events during autumn and winter of 2007


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