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New Google, new challenges
How to get the best out of Google and improve search results

Essential non-Google search tools for researchers
General search and specialist alternatives to Google

Free search tools for scientific information
Options for searching and viewing scientific papers and information free of charge

Social Search
When and how to use social media and professional networks as part of your search strategy

Business information resources
Key internet resources for business information concentrating on free and PAYG

Finding and using open data
Tools and techniques for finding and using open data sets

Assessing the quality of information
How to separate the good from the bad and exceedingly ugly

Presentations and additional reference materials

You may download the presentations and additional materials listed below and use them for your own personal use or for sharing within your organisation. Please note, though, that given the rate at which search tools and sources change some of the information will become out of date very quickly!

Pre-course slides

Please look through these slides before the event. You may know most of it already, so it should be a reminder of the commands that can help get the best out of Google. If you have questions about any of the commands you can email me at

Selected Google advanced search commands and options (PowerPoint)

Additional materials

Google makes it harder to change location for country specific research - PDF

Selected Google Commands HTML PDF

Search Tools Summary and Comparison Table. Summarises and compares a selection of the advanced search commands that are available in Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. HTML PDF


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