Animal Pharm News
Newsletter covering news, announcements and research in the animal health and nutrition industry. This is a subscription service (1 week free trial available).

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)
The ABPI is the trade association for companies in the UK producing prescription medicines. There is a list of member companies and some free statistics on the industry including the leading pharmaceutical companies world-wide and in the UK (gives sales, growth and market share), and the leading products.

Association of British Healthcare Industries
The Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) is the trade association for medical device technology in the UK. There is a database of members that can be browsed directly, searched by keyword or browsed using the A-Z of 700+ categories of products and services.

Chemist & Druggist Online
The Chemist & Druggist price list, covering the UK, is available to subscribers only. The directory of manufacturers and suppliers, though, is searchable free of charge. Search by brand or trade name, company or association, product or service. The amount of information on a company may be just basic contact details or can include a full list of products and brand names.

Clinica - World Medical Technology News
Covers nedical devices and diagnostics world-wide. Topics covered include: diagnostic imaging, drug delivery, biomaterials, woundcare, radiotherapy, nanotechnology, molecular diagnostics.There is a free weekly e-bulletin with selected headlines. The rest of the service is subscription only (1 week free trial available). - Information on Clinical Trials and Human Research Studies provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers in the US. It gives information about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details. Searchable using a wide range of criteria and options.

Current Controlled Trials
Maintained by Biomed Central, this site provides access to a searchable database of International ongoing randomised controlled trials in all areas of healthcare. It is compiled from registers held by public, charitable and commercial sponsors of trials and also contains some completed trials. You can search the registers individually or all at once.

Drug Development Technology
This site provides information on industry projects in production or under development, an A-Z company index of contractors and suppliers, a catalogue of companies by product or service, a diary of relevant exhibitions and conferences, and a list of industry organisations. There is a similar site on Pharmaceutical Technology

GMC List of Registered Medical Practitioners
The UK GMC List of Registered Medical Practitioners. Details include:

  • the doctor's reference number, name, any former name, gender
  • year and place of primary medical degree
  • registration status
  • date of registration
  • entry in GP/Specialist Register
  • any publicly available fitness to practise history since 20 October 2005

M2 Pharma
Breaking news and information on the global pharmaceuticals industry. M2 Pharma covers new advances in medicine and pharmacy, new technologies and new drugs, market trends and developments, geographic growth and trends, changes to regulations and legislation, developments in healthcare policies around the world, company news, people on the move and in the news. Headlines are free but the full text of arcticles are available to subscribers only. World-wide coverage.

Outsourcing Pharma
Produced and maintained by Decision News Media, this free web site publishes daily news on pharmaceutical contract services. There are a range of daily ad weekly newsletters and alerts to which you can subscribe

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) represents US pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. There is a free database of medicines under development (US only) that can be searched by disease, company or drug name. Information includes proprietary/generic name of the drug, indications, company and development status.

PharmaLive provides coverage of the pharmaceutical business, product marketing, and clinical research. Their publications include Med Ad News, R&D Directions and a range of supplements such as the Trend Report, which contains primary market research, and Guides giving details of industry service providers. The email newsletters Daily Advantage, PharmaLive eNewsletter Series, and Therapeutics Daily eNewsletter Series provide current awareness. 'Today's News' which collates information from a wide range of industry web resources is free of charge. Access to the PharmaLive publications is priced.

PMR Publications
Market intelligence for business professionals interested in Central and Eastern European countries as well as in other emerging markets. PMR Publications offers market research reports and newsletters for the construction, retail, IT, telecommunications and pharmaceutical sectors.

Report Buyer Pharma & Healthcare Research Pharma & Healthcare Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis
Report Buyer pulls together reports from a wide range of publishers.This channel of the site covers reports on the global biotech and pharmaceutical industries. You can browse by category, for example drug delivery or you can view Just Added, Most Viewed, Popular Searches, and Publishers. There is also a keyword search. Searches can can be filtered by price, date or product type, for example report, CD-ROM, book, online subscription. RSS feeds and email alerts are available for the channel. Priced reports.

News, data, analysis, people and events for the pharmaceutical industustry world-wide. RSS feeds and daily email alerts for your search terms are available. Subscription service. (1 week free trial available)

TriMark Publications
TriMark Publications focuses on market research in biotechnology, healthcare and the life sciences. You can browse reports or search by keyword. The market reports vary in price but there are detailed table of contents and the first three or four pages available free of charge as a sample. However, any figures or data on the pages are blacked out. It is refreshing, though, to see a detailed listing of what is contained in the reports before you part with significant amounts of money.

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