Automotive Data UK Car Franchise Dealer Database
A database that lists all of the new car retailing showrooms situated in the UK. Address information is extracted from 43 manufacturer web sites plus direct sources and checked every three months. The data also includes key decision maker names at over 5,800 new car showrooms. Subscription service.

Data HQ
Data HQ, a UK full service data agency, specialises in providing high quality data services to clients in every industry sector. Their database has more than 2 million contactable UK businesses, split into 2,000 categories. It is regularly updated with feeds from many sources including Companies House and common business directories. In addition, they carry out daily data cleansing from a dedicated UK call centre and direct mail and email campaigns that they manage on behalf of their clients.

You can search/browse business mailing lists, business opt-in e-mails, and consumer mailing lists. There is an alphabetical listing and an industry sector classification that you can work your way through.

Faust Information - National & International Directories and Mailing Lists
Distributor of international address data CD ROMs, phonebooks and Yellow Pages. Products include residential listings, business (yellow) pages, mailing lists, listings by country and importers. Importers products include the well known International Importers Directory, and industry listings ranging from the agricultural sector to woodworking equipment. Prices vary depending on the level of detail and type of directory. Priced service.

Hoover's List Building | Marketing Lists | Email + Phone Numbers

UK Online supplier of direct marketing lists working with established list providers such as Experian Marketing Services, Dun & Bradstreet, Callcredit and many more. The lists are divided into Business and Consumer marketing and further segmented by communication channel whether it be postal, email, fax or telemarketing lists. To ensure the data is targeted MarketingFile can segment by various criteria for business marketing such as key job roles, industry sectors, geographic areas and company size. They can also segment by various criteria for consumer marketing such as geographic areas, household finances, interests, investments, cars driven and charities supported. If you become a registered user, which is free, you can search and run counts for free and data is charged on a pay per record basis. A really useful feature is that if you find your search comes up with a large number of records and you are on a limited budget, you can ask for a specific number of records e.g. 50, 100, 200, 1000 from the list. MarketingFile offer complementary services such as printing and posting of letters, postcards and inserts. They can also send and manage your email marketing campaigns with their email broadcasting service. MarketingFile take into consideration that not all of your marketing campaign will be delivered so they have a special 100% Delivery Guaranteed offer on email and postal lists. This offers 50p per item towards your postage for mail “goneaways” and 5p - 10p per item towards your broadcast costs for email hard bounces.

Marketscan offer direct mail services to businesses and individuals. The lists are UK biased but there are also International and European lists. You can browse and build lists via a number of different routes: business, consumer, company directors, market sectors, SIC codes, geographical planner. The business lists, for example, include New Connections, Job Function, Medical Data Set, IT Data Set and email lists. Building a list is straightforward.

Prospect 360
Prospect360 provides telemarketing, email and mailing lists covering both business and consumer data. Geographical coverage is mostly UK but it does have some European and worldwide data. Further information on the services it provides is at

Thomson Local
This site provides access to the Thomson Local UK B2B data list products and marketing services. Products include UK business data lists and new business data lists for direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing and direct mail services. You can search for businesses by type of business, number of employees, geographical location, financial information, years established and company name.

Direct Marketing Association
As well as providing information on legislation and codes of practice on direct marketing, the Direct Marketing Association creates and commissions reports related to the direct marketing sector. There is also a searchable directory of DM suppliers, all of whom are DMA member companies and who abide by the Direct Marketing Code of Practice.

Telephone Preference Service

Fax Preference Service

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