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Business Information Key Starting Points

General Business Portals

  1. RBA Information Services www.rba.co.uk/sources/
  2. Alacrawiki www.alacrawiki.com
  3. Alacra Search www.alacra.com/alacrasearch
  4. Eco 5 research.eco5.com
  5. FITA www.fita.org
  6. Intute Social Sciences- Business www.intute.ac.uk/socialsciences/business/

 Cross Sector Lists

  1. Intute www.intute.ac.uk
  2. Pinakes
  3. BUBL bubl.ac.uk

Country Specific

  1. Phil Bradley's list of Regional Search Engines
  2. Search Engine Colossus www.searchenginecolossus.com
  3. European Search Engines www.netmasters.co.uk/european_search_engines/

News Sources

General and multi-source sites

  1. BBC News www.bbc.co.uk/news/
  2. Factiva www.factiva.com (priced )
  3. Google news.google.co.uk
  4. LexisNexis www.lexisnexis.com (priced)
  5. Silobreaker www.silobreaker.com
  6. Yahoo News www.yahoo.co.uk

Finding individual newspapers

  1. Abyz News Links www.abyznewslinks.com
  2. Kidon Media-Link www.kidon.com/media-link/

Telephone Directories

  1. Telephone Directories on the Web

Company Directories

  1. BvD - A Taste of Mint mintportal.bvdep.com
  2. RBA Company Directories www.rba.co.uk/sources/directs.htm

Official Company Registers

  1. Official Company Registers
  2. Company Registration around the World
  3. Companies House

Trade Associations

  1. Trade Association Forum (TAF) www.taforum.org

Chambers of Commerce

  1. World Chambers www.worldchambers.com
  2. Eurochambres www.eurochambres.be
  3. British Chambers of Commerce www.chamberonline.co.uk 

Market Research & Statistics

  1. Market Research Portal www.marketresearchworld.net
  2. Official Statistics on the Web
  3. Nation Master www.nationmaster.com
  4. ResearchWikis www.researchwikis.com
  5. RBA Statistics Sources www.rba.co.uk/sources/stats.htm

Market Research Aggregators

  1. MarketResearch.com www.marketresearch.com (priced)
  2. MindBranch www.mindbranch.com (priced)
  3. Research & Markets www.researchandmarkets.com (priced)

Direct Marketing

  1.  RBA Direct Marketing Lists
  2. MarketingFile marketingfile.com

Stock Markets

  1. Stock Markets & Share Price Information www.rba.co.uk/sources/stocks.htm
  2. Google Finance www.google.com/finance
  3. Yahoo Finance www.yahoo.co.uk (or any country version) and click on the Finance link


  1. Governments on the Web
    www.gksoft.com/govt (out of date but extensive and still useful)
  2. Local Government - Oultwood Links www.oultwood.com

Biographies & People

  1. Credo Reference www.credoreference.com (priced)
  2. Wikipedia www.wikipedia.org
  3. Zoominfo www.zoominfo.com (use with care)
  4. Pipl - People Search www.pipl.com
  5. Linked In www.linkedin.com

Search Tools

General Search Tools

Ask www.ask.com
Exalead www.exalead.com
Gigablast www.gigablast.com
Google www.google.com
Yahoo search.yahoo.co.uk
Windows Live www.live.com


Mirago www.mirago.co.uk
Red Hot Chilli www.redhotchilli.co.uk
Seekport www.seekport.co.uk


"Meta" Search Tools

AllPlus www.allplus.com
Clusty www.clusty.com
Jux2 www.jux2.com
Intelways www.intelways.com
Zuula www.zuula.com

Specialist Tools

Scirus www.scirus.com (science, biomedical)
Ingenta www.ingentaconnect.com
TechXtra www.techxtra.ac.uk
Google Scholar scholar.google.com


Ask Blogsearch www.ask.com
Blogpulse www.blogpulse.com
Google Blogsearch www.google.com/blogsearch
Technorati www.technorati.com

Discussion lists

JISC Mail www.jiscmail.ac.uk

Top 10 Search Tips

  1. Think before you Google! Are evaluated subject listings and directories more appropriate? How about free and priced databases? Try specialist tools such as Scirus, TechXtra. Use a range of search tools for example Google, Yahoo, Ask, Exalead (see Intelways for a good listing of alternatives). Try a meta search tool to look across several tools at once.
  2. Try and imagine how your perfect page would look and search for terms you would like to appear in that page.
  3. Use double quote marks around phrases to look for words immediately next to one another, for example "air quality"
  4. Repeat the most important term or terms in your search one or more times.
  5. Change the order of the words in your search strategy to see a different set of results. Search engines tend to 'think' in phrases.
  6. Search for pages that have links to a known page. This gives you an idea of the authority of a page and is a way of finding similar pages.
  7. Limit by type of file or format, for example PDF, Word, Excel, RSS.
  8. Limit by type of site or domain to look for a specific type of organisation, for example .gov for US government, or to search within a site.
  9. Make use of the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT where appropriate.
  10. Have a look at Advanced Search in your favourite search tool for a greater range of options.

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